Monday, February 23, 2009

family, no matter what

Last night, as I was leaving the gym, I had a voice mail from my mom to "...Call home when you get this, everything's fine, but call home." I didn't really think much of it, my mom usually says this...She knows me so well.

My dad picked up the phone and just mentioned that they had gone to St.Louis for a show and that my mom wanted to tell me about it. Sounded normal...

My mom gets on the phone and says, "Well...We had to come home at 5 am...Because...And, everything is fine now but..."

And I won't write what she told me. But...I am aware that people make mistakes, and that my family is not excluded from making mistakes either. But you never expect your family to make mistakes or to let you down (even when they make the same mistakes you've made).

And although I am disappointed, I will always love my family no matter what they do.

And now that promises have been made that these mistakes won't happen again, we move on.

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