Friday, February 27, 2009

Resolutions Update and Is It Spring, Yet?

Resolutions, Resolutions Update!

1. Volunteer at the Children's Hospital.

Not gonna happen...I'm pretty sure I have to have Health Insurance for this one-Which I don't. So I'm replacing this goal with Do more Yoga and/or Pilates. I did both today! I think I'm going to do less of the actual weight lifting, and more of these two things-Especially since the are both mega challenging for me...I thought I was pretty muscley...Guess not.

2. Be creative.

Well...I have been more creative in my clothes lately...See below.

3. Save 100 dollarzzzzzz/week.

Despite LA Fitness Gym and the bank (both trying to steal my money in equally scummy ways) I've continued to save the money,honey.

4. Veeeeeeeeeeeeegan. Do it.

And doin' it and doin' it.

5. Lose 5 pounds in Jan, Feb, and March. Keep it off.

Still...No weight lost, but none gained! So there's an upside. I need to keep focusing on what I eat, obviously, because...

6. Go to the gym 6 days a week.

...isn't the problem! This is easy for me...If only refraining from eating vegan chocolate and peanut butter was as easy...


I can't wait to wear my pretty red flats more often....

And more outfits like these, minus the pants and leggings...And rainboots (even though they rock).

Yes, I know I look like I really have to pee..I don't really know what I was doing....

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